East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   84 - Overcast   City:  Zurich, Switzerland to Orlandeaux   Hotel:  Home   
                                                            Transport:  AirBus 319 and AirBus 340-300 
Events of the Day
Tschuss to Europe!  Today is Lufthansa day - from Zurich to Orlandeaux (Orlando) via Frankfurt.  The connection at the Z-terminal at FraPort (Frankfurt Airport) is long and heavily covered in gray granite. Aside from a a few kiosks, not much in the restaurant and food court category.  Thankfully, the Lufthansa Senator Club served light fare.
Time for movie marathon on the flight with double lunches - leaving and shortly before arriving on the 9+ hour segment.  Also, a last time for Wersteiner and Sprite combo drink.  Upon arrival, it was an hour of life lost to passport control and customs lines.  (Hint:  Always follow flight crews in the customs line).  
Have 45 Euros - ready for next year's first Metro, taxi, rail, or snack upon 2013 arrival.  Not sure if the remaining 7,000 Hungarian funds ($28 USD) will be gift, souvenir, and possible exchange - or better, attempt to use a beer and brat stand in the German Saxony Swiss national park next year.  Sehr Gut!

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