East Europe 2012 Berlin
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                                                 Weather:   80 - Sunny   City: Berlin    Hotel: Grand Hyatt   
                                                            Transport:  Lufthansa Air Bus 330-300 - Berlin Bus TXL Line
Events of the Day
Sunshine awaited landing after a very smooth boarding and flight.  An after work 08:10 PM direct flight to Frankfurt really helped with scheduling.  Flight included dinner - chicken or "surprise" (Lufthansa flight attendant struggle with English word for pasta with tomato sauce) - and movies on demand ("Exotic Marigold Hotel", "This Means War", and "Hunger Games") and some that will never to be seen Stateside.
Arrival was at the old Berlin Tegel airport - which was to be closed in June, 2012; however, schedule delays at the new BER - Berlin airport required additional life in a relic of an airport.  After landing at a remote - no jetway - location, grabbed the backpacks (check in luggage is evil), deplaned with no paperwork required, received the infamous passport stamp, and headed for the shuttle bus to the Berlin Haufbahnhof (Main Berlin train station down from the hotel).  Some of our party decided to leave a polka-dot tolietry/cosmetic bag on the bus (Which should add a treat for some Berliner).
The walk from the bus stop to the hotel included the Reichstag building (main Parliament building), Brandenburg gate, full block sized Jewish Memorial, Potzdammer Platz Sony Center.  After checking in, dinner at restaurant Mesa for "German tapas" (From goat cheese to noodles to little pork chops) and relaxation at the roof top Olympus pool and spa. (Allowed for viewing of the almost full moon).  Zeit for schlaff zimmer.                                       
                                                            Tegel Airport   Berlin Main Train Station  Berlin Reichstag  Berlin Sony Center                                                                                            Tegel Airport                        Berlin Main Station                       Reichstag                         Sony Center

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