East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   89 - Sunny   City:  Zurich, Switzerland   Hotel:  Hilton Airport   
                                                            Transport:  Tram - Rail - Hotel shuttle
Events of the Day
Hotel relocation day - from the Zurich inner city to the airport.  Connection was easy at airport from a hotel bus zone and 5 minute shuttle to the hotel.  Once settled in, back to the airport rail station and final thermal spa town visit.
Bad Zuzach is located on the Rhein river - Germany located on the opposite bank.  The town has been a Swiss spa destination for over 50 years.  This is not a common English language town - so, conversational German was very handy and experience with RF chip wrist bands for the lockers was "kein problem".  Hotel and Clinic offices are connected to the spa location - so, the ages varied greatly.
Serious and playful spa jets outlined the multiple of stainless steel outdoor pools - including loungers made of tubular supports.  (Understand how steaks feel on an outdoor grill feel now).  A large garden area was full of zero-gravity loungers - one tilt and feet up and "out for the count".   A newer sauna area was located below the main complex - required a small tube elevator and one could not help saying a Star Trek quote, "Bridge please".    On the Herren side was a dry sauna (190 degrees) with a built in aquarium tank - amazed that the fish did not seem to bake.
As with any thermal spa visit, time accelerates at a quicken pace..  Relaxed, thoroughly "hydro-jetted", and covered with hints of eucalyptus, time for return train trip back to Zurich.  After a full sunny day, the evening ended with rain and dancing lightning show.  Arriving back at the hotel was a blur.

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