East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   80 - Sunny in morning   City:  Prague, Czech Republic   Hotel:  Marriott Flora   
                                                            Transport:  Bus, Metro and Train 
Events of the Day
This would be the adventure day.  Agenda was the mountain spa town of Carlsbad, or Karlvory Vary, located 120 KM west of Prague.  Many would recognize some movie scenes (Bond's Casino Royale and Queen Lativa's Last Holiday); however, the focus was enjoying a slice of the 19th century spa town.
Daily bus service is only 2 hours in duration and about $12 round trip cost.  Long distance buses start at the main Prague terminal and easilty accessed via Metro stop Florenc.  However, it can be a challenge to locate the best exit due to endless corridors.
Carlsbad is worth the trip - endless 1800s dated buildings lining a river with large ornate therapy hot springs clinic building (many in need of restoration).    Thankfully, many of the buildings have been and are being restored to their original grandeur.  One striking difference is the USSR type (monstrosity) hotel and thermal spa complexs - maybe they can fade away one day.  
Lesson learned was the actual bus stop for the return trip - Never assumed that the stop used for arrival would be the same for return.  Determined that the correct station was another 10 minutes away. After running for the 06:00 PM return, it was a failed attempt.  Options were limited since remaining buses were sold out.  Only option was the train.
The Carlsbad train station was another 15 minutes away - uphill.  It was another opportunity to step back in time of old Czech maintenance - from rusted columns to "wavy" train rails.  Thankfully arrived with 10 minutes to spare to purchase tickets for the last return to Prague.  Tickets were only $10 and followed a very long circutunious course back to Prague - 3.5 hours.  The old all compartment train cars did have old fashioned air conditioning: opening the upper window.  The route was scenic following a river; however, did change to passing a few old USSR based nuclear plants.
Arrived back again in Prague and avoided being stranded in Carlsbad (Not a bad option).  Again late dinner of Italian pizza (Mexican pizza choice was covered in chorizo, egg, and whole garlic).  Time to retire.

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