East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   74 - Occasional Light Showers   City:  Stadt Wehlen, Germany   Hotel:  Villa Sophie   
                                                            Transport:  Bike, River Ferry, 2-Story Old Bus, and mini train tram.
Events of the Day
Biking was the day.  Included in our hotel rental was use of bikes and the Elbe Weg (path) was just meters away.  The pathway follows the river and is mostly flat and paved - easy to enjoy.
First town to encounter was Rathan - home of the gateway for the outdoor festival grounds and Amsee (lake).  The town was full of activity with manicuring lawns, bushes, and flowers.  Each town seemed to have a unique fountain - either in size or sculpture type.
A side excursion was the Koeningstein Fortress.  In the zentrum, we could lock up the bikes and board a 1930s two level bus with bench seating heading up the steep drive to the fortress.  During the next two hours, we viewed the high embankments and restored interior buildings.  Views of the Elbe river were impressive.  
Finished the day with the return bike trip and revisit of the Stand Hotel for dinner.  After dinner was the obligatory (fit in with the locals) ice cream stop.  One cone was filled with a light green Waldenberry (unknown flavor and source).

                                                            Koningstein Fortress  Koeningstein Fortress  Elbe River Valley
                                                            Elbe River Bike Pathway  Elbe River Bike Pathway  Elbe River Bike Pathway - Stadt Wehlen

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