East Europe 2012 Berlin
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                                                 Weather:   80 - Sunny with late thunder showers   City: Berlin    Hotel: Grand Hyatt   
                                                            Transport:  Long Walk  - Stern and Kreis Schiffarhrt
Events of the Day
Breakfast was a massive hearty set up with weisswurst and champagne included.  Sitting outdoor is a moving target with smokers not allowed for indoor dining.  Off to the Spree River via elite botiques and Catheral plazas.
The Spree River was a simple one hour cruise showing mostly the new government sites and endless remodeled post East Berlin buildings.  A few highlights included Jason Bourne movie locations.
Pergammon Museum would be the highlight of the day - which included the restored temple from Pergammonm Greece, (now Turkey) and the amazing Babylon Ishtar Gate with glazed blue tiles and golden lion, bull, and serpent creature reliefs.  Other artifacts included the processional walls, clocks, and the King's black stone with all the laws recorded.  (A child that slaps a parent goes the line for instant death).
Walk back to hotel included Embassy row - with the original Russian decorative gated building, secured street British, and new United States sites.  After passing the Aldon Hotel and going under the Brandenburg Gate, the VW dealer was the next stop in a magnificent restored building.  Several of the models will never arrive in the States (Passat All Track wagon and Amarok pick up).  A few of the original Berlin wall was set up in Potzdammer Platz with a gentleman that will sell (7) passport stamps for 7 Euros - including GDR, Checkpoint Charlie, and multi old Berlin zones.  
Dinner was in Fred Miller's honor:  House of 100 Beers.  Started dining outdoors until a hail storm arrived with the scrabble for indoor eating.  Meal consisted of the normal German fare with Koenig Ludwig Dunkel beer.
Nightly hotel amendities included Champagne, chocolate bear with toy Trabant car (legendary old East Europe 2-stroke engine car constructed with discarded cotton waste material panels), and a can of pickles (Not sure on that one).  Olympus Club was the final stop for the late evening.                            
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