East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   76 - Sunny in morning   City:  Prague, Czech Republic   Hotel:  Marriott Flora   
                                                            Transport:  Metro, Train, and Ferry
Events of the Day
Another R&R day - Change of plans and return to Bad Schandau, Germany.  Traveled on the early InterCity Express from Prague.  We did not purchase seat reservations and only openings were the dining room car, which worked out extremely well - full breakfast while enjoying the Elbe river views.
Toured the town, including the small hotels and vacation apartments in the park area.  Purchased the all day pass for the Toscana Therme spa and enjoyed a full relaxation, including the on site restaurant. (beverage selection was the wheat beer with red grapefruit).  Back to Prague fully recovered from previous days of sight seeing.   

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