East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   94 - Sunny   City:  Istanbul, Turkey   Hotel:  Hyatt   
                                                            Transport:  Cable Car - Funicular - Tram - Boat 
Events of the Day
After lunch (too late for breakfast), today's route included a aerial cable car that crosses a large park near the hotel.  The old park included fig trees the size of oak trees.  Other areas - including a large scale fountain system - was pending some restoration.
After a 'dropped shoe shine brush in front of a tourist' incident, we arrived at Tasksim square - location of a hop on-hop off bus start.  Since the city Internet was down, charge cards could not be used and ATMs were not an option.  Continued onto the funicular (required due to continuous hills) to the tram system.
Arrived back to the Golden Horn section and walked to the Spice Market and Grand Bazaar - Even negotiated prices were not too exciting.  Continued over to the ferry and cruise dock for a 10 Lira boat cruise up the Bosphoras river.  The 2 hour cruise was over in 90 minutes; which, was ok.  Picked up a fresh mackerel sandwich from a docked boat nearby.
Finished the evening at an restaurant along the main street - meal was ok and not too memorable. However, the host, waiter, and "accountant" (gentleman parked at a table that handles all transactions - bill and cash are put in/pulled out of a teak box) stood to say good-bye.
Istanbul is best at night - coolness with direct and indirect lighting on buildings, bridges, and mosques. The return trip was "scenic" since crossing the road to the hotel route was not an option due to high  and fast traffic.  Turkish driving would cause NASCAR drivers to blush - however, honking and forming new lanes is involved.

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