East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   80 - Sunny in morning   City:  Prague, Czech Republic   Hotel:  Marriott Flora   
                                                            Transport:  Metro and Tram 
Events of the Day
First quest of the day was Strudel.  A few blocks from the hotel is the ultimate off-the-beaten track strudel shop - located in the first floor of an apartment complex with a small window serving 12" apple strudel for only $2.00 (A "bar'gun")
Mostly a "See Prague in a Day" approach - from old cemeteries (dates from 1700s), infamous Prague castle, Charles bridge, and string concert in the State Museum (sitting on small red cushions on the interior steps). The concert would be the last time to see the interior due to pending restoration.  Seems refurb is required and being scheduled everywhere - preventative maintenance from the USSR days was not a major budget concern. However, the potential could surpass almost every major city in beauty and charm.
After a late dinner, time to retire very tired legs and feet.

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