East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   85 - Sunny   City:  Istanbul, Turkey   Hotel:  Hyatt   
                                                            Transport:  Taxi - Air Bus 320 - Light Rail - Tram - Funicular - Subway 
Events of the Day
Changed Budapest to Istanbul flight for earlier option (leave at 10:50 AM instead of 4:05 PM) and required some hustle to prepare and arrive at the airport.  Once arrived, some expensive calling to State-side United Airlines was required (3rd time changing finally worked).   
The flight was direct on Turkish Airlines and included full lunch service (with menu) for coach passengers. Interior was turquoise leather on steroids - somewhat wore, too.  Arrived on time and now the learning curve for yet another transportation system.
Connection and transfer is not part of the Turkish transportation dictionary.  Each segment was 2 Lira for another token.  Started with very good light rail service from the airport - transfer to the tram was another 2 Lira - transfer to the funicular at the end was another 2 Lira - and final subway route was a final 2 Lira.
After the very full tram and subway ride, the walk down to the hotel was a relief.  Checked in and enjoyed an amazing room with it's own internal water park - from mood lighting above a free standing tub, steam room, marble Turkish bath sink with stool, multi setting shower with fog free mirror, and naturally, a built in TV to watch all three BBC channels.
Now for the hunt for unmarked Hall; however, our taxi driver was proud of being able to locate. Noticed a few gentlemen with ties (all short sleeves and no jackets) and knew we arrived correctly.  It's a combination Turkish and English meeting.  In the smaller room is the English language - if no speaker, the TV monitor is turned on and a wireless headset with translation starts.  A varied background representing all "corners of the Earth" attended and was infused by German background volunteers.  
Another taxi ride back to the hotel and the full day was done (was there a dinner?)

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