East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   87 - Sunny   City:  Zurich, Switzerland   Hotel:  Hyatt   
                                                            Transport:  Taxi - Air Bus 321 - EMB 90 - Train - Tram 
Events of the Day
Late breakfast on the Istanbul hotel terrace followed by taxi ride to the airport (not the driver for the Amazing Race contest).  Security required just to enter the airport followed by endless check in counters. Once checked in, another long queue for passport control followed by another security check.
Turkish Air was the first leg to Zurich via Munich.  A scenic flight view of Istanbul showed endless sprawl for millions upon million.  On the new jet, full on demand movie system was available.  Again, Turkish Air handed out the menu for the coach class dinner.  (Choices ran out and only Salmon was the "choice").  As always, Euro carriers include complimentary wine and beer.
Connection in Munich was tight - again through passport and security for just a connection.  The Munich security discovered a side water bottle and a canned pickle (gift from the Berlin hotel)  - all had cleared the Berlin, Hungary, and Turkey airports.  We'll never know what enticement the canned pickle had for a culinary experience.  Arrived just in time for the bus ride to the small jet - many of German airports use remote parking and buses for flights.  A short 55 minute flight to Zurich included views from German and Swiss Alps.
Arrival and transport at Zurich was easy - just follow the English instructions on the ticket machine and proceed tot he 13 minute train trip to the main and central train station.  Another connection to one of the multiple street trams and the hotel was just another 5 minutes away.  We included a quick stop to the main ticket office for purchase Zermatt train tickets.  Great service by the counter person to recommend purchase of the SBB Half Price card first and then all day train tickets (allows for schedule changes). Turned around to see the ticket line had grown by dozens.
Hotel check in was effortless and the room had it's own unique attributes - special vent door (looked like a closet door that allows screened outside air in) and yet another shower/tub set up (includes wall sliding panels to see the TV and outside windows).  Light switches are never standardized and another learning curve on how to turn on/off the simplest of lights.
The closing of the day included a hotel spa steam/dry sauna visit - time to rest for an early start tomorrow (alpine hiking day).

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