East Euro 2012

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                                                 Weather:   79 - Sunny   City: Stadt Wehlen    Hotel: Villa Sophie   
                                                            Transport:  U2, RE2 Trains,  (40 Euro Weekend Pass) and Elbe River Ferry (1 Euro)
Events of the Day
After a champagne free breakfast and check out, time for a day of train traveling.  To use the discounted pass, the high speed trains are excluded.  So, connections included Freidrichstrasse Station, Cottbus station, Ruland station, Dresden station, and Stadt Wehlen station.  
Stadt Wehlen has two parts - on each side of the Elbe river.  Naturally, the train station is on the opposite side and a timed connecting ferry was required.  
Checked in at Villa Sophie and settled in on the forth/top floor with swing in windows in the gables.  Room included a dark blue accent wall with a silver "Sweet Dreams" cursive wall art.  The other hotel room included a dark brown multiple language "Good Night" wall art and tilting roof window in the restroom (with full view of the Elbe river - interesting approach)
Dinner was in the Strand Hotel overlooking the Elbe.  The saurbraten, air whipped potato balls, and chopped red cabbage was sehr gut!  Outdoor in the small market platz was Mike's Disco group with Salsa dancers - assumed town entertainment for the summer weekend.
                                                            Stadt Wehlen on the River ElbeStadt Wehlen, Germany, FerryElbe River Valley View
                                                            Stadt Wehlen, Germany - Villa SophieStadt Wehlen, Germany - Villa SophieStadt Wehlen, Germany - Villa Sophie Bathroom View

                                                            Stadt Wehlen, Germany - Direction SignStadt Wehlen, Germany - Zentrum
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