East Europe 2012 Berlin
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                                                 Weather:   78 - Start with heavy rains in morning.   City: Berlin    Hotel: Grand Hyatt   
                                                            Transport:  U2 and RE2 Train (29 Euro Land Pass for use within the State after 09:00 AM)
Events of the Day
Now for something different - Tropical Island.  The quasi park of water park, lodging, entertainment, and restaurant was a "cruise ship on land" built inside an unused Blimp hanger.  A defunct zeppelin company (to move large construction equipment) had a new life as an indoor tropical setting.
Island features included the World's largest indoor rain forest - with 1 kilometer walking trail.  Beach area included sand and palm trees with a "Truman Show" type painted blue sky background.  Lodges were interspersed within the complex with themes of Oriental, Cambodian, Mexican, and naturally Tropical. Camping on beach sand was also available.   
Dinner was the Tropical Island Tamoor Indian restaurant - fresh and flavorable curry accented the meal. Always relaxing to set down for a nice meal in swimwear.   An occasional bird would swoop by since the Island included a variety of avian species.  
Hours were 24/7 and if you stay past 03:00 AM, additional charge would be added.  All park charges were via RF chip wrist band - including restaurants and therapies.
Naturally, the shuttle bus from the massive park to the train station was perfectly timed.  A little bit of history was the location of the blimp hanger, or Tropical Island:  On an abandoned Russian airstrip with multiple hangers embedded in the ground.  (Doubt the MIG pilots ever imagined a water park on their airstrip)  Thus, the brick train station was somewhat decrepit; however, the actual platform was new.  Arrived late to the hotel.

                                                            Tropical Island  Tropical Island  Tropical Island
                                                            Tropical Island  Tropical Island Restroom Sign  Tropical Island - Camping Area
                                                            Tropical Island Tropical Island

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