East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   92 - Sunny   City: Istanbul, Turkey   Hotel:  Hyatt   
                                                            Transport:  Walk - Tram - Ferry 
Events of the Day
Started out with lunch on the pool terrace and walk down to the tram station.  Stop included the Blue Mosque - after passing on an offer by carpet salesperson to provide guide tips, entered on the Visitor side and removed shoes (plastic bags are provided for carrying).  An attendant was providing and attaching blue scarfs to visitors with shorts and bare shoulders (looked like a blue toga party).  Amazing how many non respectful guests couldn't be proactive to read requirements in advance.  
The interior was spatially massive and lined with extensive blue mosaic tiles.  Overall the interior color and simple lighting of rods and light bulbs was not overly striking - great skill in craftsmanship with finite details lost in the proportions of the building.  Exited, re-shoed, and headed to the Turkish bath..
Between the Sophia Museum and Blue Mosque is the Hurrem Sultan Hamami Hamman Turkish bath with separate men and women entrances located on opposite ends.  Due to their popularity, the hotel had made reservations and we arrived on time.  First step is select one of four main packages (additional ala cart treatments are available).  Package No. 2 was selected (However, one of us accidentally received package No. 3 with very strange clay mask).  
Process starts with a nicely wooded cubicle area with electronic combination lockers to "change" (switch to mutely colored towel).  Next step is the marbled interior cupola room with setting areas for 10 minutes of steaming (as the star shaped skylights cast a storage pattern on the floor).  Now for the "tenderizing" of scrub, lather, and rinse on a large slab of heated tile.  This was followed by a rest period and then up to a third floor message chamber for an oil massage.  (Keep in mind that Biblical Esther did this every day). Final step was water, berry juice, and short nap.  Time to change and step out into the Istanbul heat.
A few blocks down was dinner - in the Imbat restaurant on the top of the Orient Express hotel.  The outdoor restaurant had views of the harbor - watching all sizes (from cruise ship and ferries to row boats) dodging their own ship and waves.  Food and service was outstanding.  The view continued to improve with sunset and severing as we watched the lights on the buildings and bridges turned on - including the solar powered table lamp.
Return to the hotel included a "scenic route" - used the ferry instead of the tram; however, a few letter variations changed the actual destination.  (Katavoy vs Katabas)  The evening ended up including a night boat tour.

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