East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   88 - Sunny   City:  Zurich-Zermatt, Switzerland   Hotel:  Hyatt   
                                                            Transport:  Tram No. 7 - SBB InterCity Rail - SBB Glacier Express - Gornergrat Cog Train 
Events of the Day
Mountain hiking was the objective today and was successfully accomplished at the Matterhorn mountain range - all with bright sunshine and deep blue skies.  
The train from Zurich to Bern was a quick hour (from East to West Switzerland) with another hour to Visp. Next came the Glacier Express that climbs to the alpine town of Zermatt.  Glaciers and peaks are seen early in the Express train route - cars wrapped with large windows on the side and continued into the roof.
Zermatt train station was across the street from the Gornergrat cog train - which travels to a nearby  mountain peak (10,132 Ft elevation) and starts the trail head.  However, the full service hotel, restaurant, and yes, a mini mall, allowed for a lunch time break.  
The return trail back to Zermatt is about 4 hours and the breathtaking views (literally) required multiple stops for photo opportunities.  Rock and slate were the starting level, followed by alpine grasses and flowers, and then to the tree level.   A few small lakes and creeks embellished the hike.  Most of the hike included different perspectives of the Matterhorn with shoulders of glaciers.
After the hike, a few stops at the Zermatt stores were included and onto the return train trip - with plenty of official Matterhorn sunburns and dust layer.

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