East Euro 2012
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                                                 Weather:   75 - Light rain to cloudy to sunny   City:  Budapest, Hungary   Hotel:  Marriott   
                                                            Transport:  Metro and Train 
Events of the Day
Time for the all day train trip to Budapest - from 09:42 AM to 04:30 PM.  Thankfully reserved seats with table while in Berlin last week.  Train was very full with a variety of languages and ages.  It did not have a full service dining car - only a cafe counter set up.   However, the first class passengers had flight attendant looking employees arranging for drink and food orders.
Scenery along the Czech Republic to Hungary via Slovakia route was mostly flat lands - with corn and sunflowers. A few cities - very basic in look - broke the route on occasion.   Think of a drive through the Midwest with run down towns.
Arrived at one of three main stations - serendipitously, we discovered that we arrived at the "centered" stations and was only one Metro stop from the hotel.  Yet another Marriott attached to a mall.  Due to the large groups booked in the hotel, we were upgraded to the top floor Executive suites.  Both came with large terraces and dining rooms. Much of the furniture had the "new cabinet smell".  Additionally, the water lines still had some air in the lines.
Walked the block for restaurant options and returned to the hotel full service restaurant followed by mapping session for tomorrow (large dining room tables holds piles of brochures).  

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