Russia 2006
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France                                   Beziers    Plage Marseillan    Carcassonne
                                                                           Beziers                                                              Plage Marseillan                                                    Carcassonne
                                                 Lavendar Fields Chateauneuf du Pape Maison La Roque
                                                               Lavendar Fields                                               Chateauneuf du Pape                                                La Roque on Ceze
                                            Nimes River Ceze Pont du Gard France - Tour de France 2006 Stage 13
                                                                                Nimes                                              River Ceze                                        Pont du Gard                            Tour de France - Stage 13
                                       Mainz and Berlin

Germany                                 Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt       
                                                                      Frankfurt Stadion                                                   Berlin Potsdamer Platz                                                  Pottsdam

Russia                                    Kremlin     Red Square     Hotel Ukraina
                                                                                Kremlin                                                         Red Square                                                          Hotel Ukraina                                                     
                                                    Bolshoi Theatre    St. Basil's Cathedral    City Center    White Russia Restaurant
                                                          Bolshoi Theatre                       St. Basil's Cathedral                                   Moscow City Center                White Russia Restaurant
                                              Metro Subway   Station Kuznetskiy Most   Station Lyubyanka
                                                                     Metro Subway                                             Station Kuznetskiy Most                                             Station Lyubyanka      
                                     Saint Petersburg

Russia                              State Hermitage Museum St. Isaac's Cathedral PeterHof 
                                                               State Hermitage Museum                                        St. Isaac's Cathedral                                                PeterHof      
                                              Bronze Horseman   Nevsky Prospect (Avenue)   Mariinsky Theatre   Smolny Cathedral
                                                Bronze Horseman                    Nevsky Prospect (Avenue)                                            Mariinsky Theatre                            Smolny Cathedral

Sweden                                  Old Town  Vasa Ship Museum  Skansen Outdoor Museum 
                                                                                 Old Town                                                                Vasa Museum                                     Skansen Outdoor Museum
                                                    Grand Hotel and Harbor  Subway Art
                                                                                                       Grand Hotel and Harbour                                                                                  Subway Art 

Norway                    Norway - Oslo Viking Ship Museum  Norway - Oslo Vigeland Sculpture Park Norway - Oslo City Hall Norway - Songnefjord
                                           Viking Museum                               Vigeland Museum                      Vigeland Sculpture Park         City Hall                                Songnefjord Fjord 

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