Russia 2006 Journey Day Ten
Mainz, Germany

                                    [23 July, 2006] The Special Convention closed with over 207,000 attending the five German
                                    convention sites (Leipzig, Munich, Hamburg, Dortmund, and Frankfurt).  Total countries represented was 
                                    over 100.
                                    The hour after the closing talk included extensive applause, the French group started the infamous stadium
                                    "wave".  It took a few tries before the Croatian group understood the process.  A proclamation presented
                                    to the convention was answered with a Aye, Oui, and Ja - and in that sequence based on the translation.
                                    Dinner was with old friends in Sandhausen near Heidelberg.  The return was late and no connection
                                    was available to the Mainz Sud station, so, a long walk in the midnight hour to the hotel from the main
                                    Mainz station..
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                                                                                                                         Attendees from multiple countries
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                                                                 Closing Ceremony    Closing Ceremony
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