Russia 2006 Journey Day Three
Montpellier, France

                              [16 July, 2006] After a brief stop for Orangina and fresh baguettes, the day was a classic beach day.  The blue skies and 
                              hot temperatures dictated the only choice.  The evening allowed a quick visit to Beziers.  The city was the starting point for the
                              stage 13 of the Tour de France - completed the day before.  All of the colorful banners crossing the streets were still in place.
                              The Spanish influence is quite apparent - right down to the bullfight arena.  However, the French engineering is the show due
                              to the Midi Canal.  The canal was built in the mid/late 1600s and allowed barges to go from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
                              ocean.  (Think Mobile, AL, to Savannah, GA).  Beziers is home to two interesting legs of the canal - a 9 lock and dam system
                              and a water bridge.  The water bridge was built in classic stone style with hundreds of small columns and spans a main 
                              river.  Also, if you are an EPCOT French pavilion fan, you'll recognize the Canal du Midi as the opening scene of the movie
                              "Impressions d' France".

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