Russia 2006 Journey Day Twenty-Five
Oslo, Norway

                                    [07 August, 2006] The final day for adventure and the grand finale was the "Norway in a Nutshell".
                                    The well promoted tour package was up to their claims - the magnificence of Norway in just a day.
                                    However, the day started at 6:30 a.m. and ended at 10:30 p.m., so, it's a big nutshell to see.
                                    Multi modal would be the appropriate phrase - trains, boats, and bus are used.  The day starts with
                                    a 5 hour train trip from Olso to the small town of Myrdal.  Scenery goes from Oslo water level to a 
                                    continuous climb into the Norway mountain range with glaciers and "white stuff" in the distance.
                                    After several tunnels and a few stops, we arrive at Mrydal and change to another train with special
                                    breaking and design for the descending into the fjord town of Flam.  The 12 mile trip takes about
                                    an hour with a special waterfall photo stop.  In a few minutes, mystical music starts and a maiden
                                    in blue legendary dress appears in the distance - possible maiden of the waterfall.
                                    Only a few minutes to see the town of Flam before transferring to the Fjord1 ferry line.  It was two
                                    hours of continuous beauty as the side walls of the fjord are presented.  Waterfalls appear around
                                    every corner.  End of the boat trip is the small village of Gudvangen - again, a quick transfer to the 
                                    bus for return to the mountain top for the returning train.  Bus trip takes a detour to a scenic route
                                    originally built as the main road in 1857.  The 18 hairpin turns and "look back" views was a treat.
                                    The return train trip back to Oslo started in Voss and arrived over 5 hours later.  
                                    Norwegian friendliness has been unequaled compared to other countries.  Service has been very
                                    efficient with a warm smile and enthusiastic follow up.  Even other customers in a restaurant will
                                    wish you a good evening.  The "wave thing" was amazing - whether hiking or biking near the train,
                                    time would be taken to stop and wave to the passengers.  The real test will be after their 8 months
                                    of winter if such exuberance continues.  Hard to imagine such sincerity would not continue.


                                                       Oslo Scenes - Noway Train System   Oslo Scenes - Norway Train Mountain Range   Oslo Scenes - Norway Train Glacier View
                                                      Norway Train Scenes - Mrydal Directional Sign   Norway Scenes - Train Connection   Norway Train Scenes - Downward to Fjord   Norway Scenes - Open Train Window
                                        Norway Scenes - Kjosfossen Waterfall Norway Scenes - Maiden of the Waterfall Norway Scenes - Maiden of the Waterfall Norway Scenes - Kjosfossen Waterfall Sign
                                                    Norway Scenes - Flam Bound Train    Norway Scenes - Flam Rail Line Scenes    Norway Scenes - Town of Flam
                                                    Sognefjord Scenes    Sognefjord Scenes    Sognefjord Scenes
                                                    Sognefjord Scenes    Sognefjord Scenes    Sognefjord Scenes    
                                                                    Sognefjord Town Scenes    Sognefjord Waterfall Scenes    Sognefjord Town Scenes
                                                    Sognefjord Town Scenes    Sognefjord Town Scenes    Sognefjord Town Scenes    
                                            Sognefjord Scenes    Sognefjord Return Bus Scenes    Norway Scenes - Voss Town    Norway Scenes - Country Flag

            Transportation:  NSB Train 609 From Oslo to Myrdal, Flam Train, Fjord1 Ferry, Bus Service, NSB Train 64 From Voss to Oslo.

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