Russia 2006 Journey Day Fourteen
Berlin, Germany

                                    [27 July, 2006] The day was a pure tourist day - riding the No. 100 double decked bus with a "tages karte" 
                                    (all day card) pass.  First stop was the Brandenburg Gate (1791), the only remaining gate of the original 18 that 
                                    surrounded the city.  The gate became "no man's land" between the Berlin double wall from 1961 to 1989.  During
                                    our last visit, it was covered in scaffolding and full ground to top banners; however, it is completely restored and
                                    is was worth the wait to view.
                                    Next stop was the Reichstag building at the Budestag (German Parliament).  It was originally completed in 1894 and 
                                    restored with a new glass cupola in 1999.  The new Reichstag building contains a circular stairwell within the large 
                                    glass cupola that allows for viewing of the Parliament below and a Berlin panorama.  The top of the cupola is open 
                                    and rain is drained within recessed vents.
                                    Other sights included the Kaiser Wilhelm Church - left "as is" after World War II to serve as a memorial.  The newly
                                    opened Jewish Holocaust memorial was sobering - varied sized squared stones with a lone tree denoting hope.  The
                                    "Buddies Bear" peace collection had finished it's world tour and was back in Berlin.  Each bear  represented an
                                    individual country.
                                    Berlin is one third park and trees and well known (including old songs) for it's boulevard with Lime trees ("unter
                                    the Linden").  A special series of "Land of Ideas" outdoor sculptures were set up around the city.  All were focused on 
                                    German inventions or contributions. 
                                                            Brandenburger Tor     Brandenburger Tor     Brandenburger Tor
                                                                                               Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) with Goddess of Victory chariot sculpture  
                                             Budestag - Reichstag Building    Budestag - Reichstag Building    Budestag - Reichstag Building   Budestag - Reichstag Building 
                                                                                                                             Reichstag Building with glass viewing cupola 
                                                            Berlin Scenes    Berlin Scenes    Guten Tag MaryJo
                                                                             Spree River                                         "Land of Ideas" outdoor sculptures (Athletic shoes and pharmaceutical pill)
                                                                        Kraiser Wilhelm Church Memorial    Berlin Cathedral    Berlin Cathedral
                                                                         Kaiser Wilhelm Church                                                      Berlin Cathedral
                                                                        "Buddies Bear" Collection    "Buddies Bear" Collection    "Buddies Bear" Collection    "Buddies Bear" Collection
                                                                                 "Buddies Bear" Collection                         USA Bear                    Cambodia Bear         Bears and Books Sculpture
                                                                                        Holocaust Memorial    Holocaust Memorial    S-Bahn Entrance    
                                                                                                                                     Holocaust Memorial                                         S-Bahn Entrance

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