Russia 2006 Journey Day Thirteen
Dresden, Germany

                                            [26 July, 2006]  Dresden is a great day trip south from Berlin.  The two hour train trip 
                                             arrives at the beginning of a pedestrian boulevard leading to the main sights.  The main bahnhof
                                            (train station) is undergoing an extensive restoration and includes white sail type canvas covering
                                            the glass curved ceilings over the tracks.
                                            Dresden has a stored past including the few months before the end of World War II when the non
                                           military city was fire bombed.  The following years of communistic government did little to restore
                                           the glory of the "most beautiful city in Europe".  All that was added was the infamous project type
                                           apartments which epitomizes function with no aesthetic form. 
                                            An aggressive rebuilding program is showing positive results - To date, the Zwinger cultural
                                            complex and recently, the Frau Kirche has been completed.  During the past months, many press
                                            articles have provided coverage - including details on the original quarry used for stone and the
                                            dark stone section being the only original wall.  Additionally, the United Kingdom provided the
                                            gold adornment on top as a reconciliation gesture.
                                            A new VW factory was built just a few blocks from the main center and was part of the original
                                            fair grounds.  What makes this factory special is that it is transparent.  Glass panels are the exterior
                                            and interior walls.  So, from the street or from the inside welcome center, it is easy to watch
                                            VW assemble the Phaeton and Bentley automobiles.  It is strictly an assembly center and all
                                            parts are manufacturered off site.  To receive parts, VW uses the city street car rails with it's own
                                            set of rail cars.  The VW tram carries parts for 6 made-to-order vehicles.  If the car is scheduled
                                            to be picked up at the factory, the vehicle is stored in a multi story cylinder shaped glass building.
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