Russia 2006 Journey Day Two
Montpellier, France

                              [15 July, 2006] The day started with lessons in car rental - miss the pick up time and a reserved car is no longer reserved.
                              The car rental company was very helpful with our sleeping late.  Their assistant provided a ride to the aeroport for additional
                              cars compared to our original SNCF (French train) station.  We ended up with an upgraded Citroen multi purpose vehicle with
                              automatic transmission - a first time for Euro travel.
                              After leaving the aeroport, we traveled to the coast line - from Sete to Agde.  In 30 kilometers of shoreline, not sure if we ever
                              saw an available parking space.  To say that the beaches are packed is an understatement.  After finally locating a parking spot,
                              we enjoyed the beach for the remaining afternoon.  The beaches with dunes in the background are cleaned daily.  Water quality
                              is excellent with high clarity and smooth sand bottom - no kelp or rocks
                              One interesting stop was Frontignan.  In progess was a type of boat jousting with  colorfully painted boats powered by several
                              rowers.  Located on a high perch is a single jouster poised to stike the oncoming jouster.  The loser is obviously the one in the 
                              water.  Located on each boat is two musicians - as the rowing accelerates, their music (drum and wind instrument) also speeds
                              The evening was ended with an outdoor Greek restaurant - a few tables in the niche of narrow pedestrian path.  The slender
                              access paths lead to open courtyards and even more restaurants.  The pedestrian routes appear to have large polished limestone
                              pavers; thus, very smooth walking compared to cobblestone.   Hanging large Spanish type lanterns provide the right amount of
                              Overall, the inner city is classic French architecture - only 3 to 4 stories with belle époque balcony railings.  The natural color
                              and age is allowed to appear.  Our tastefully remodeled room has two balconies and overlooks a restaurant courtyard, 
                              which means umbrellas up during the day and lowered at night.
                                                         Frontignan Jousting Boat Did you hear about jousting on land? The Frontignan Blue Team start rowing    
                                                               The Frontignan Red and Blue Teams Prepare to row        The Frontignan Red Team scores a hit
                                                                                                                             The town of Frontignan River Jousting 
                                                                                                                                 The Hotel du Midi scenes 
                                                                                                                             The Montpellier city scenes 


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