Russia 2006 Journey Day Twenty-Two
Stockholm, Sweden

                                    [04 August, 2006] Arrival to Stockholm was viewed from the top deck of the cruise ship.  Navigation route
                                    included passage through hundreds, if not thousands, of islands.  Most of the time, the ship was 500+ meters
                                    from the shore; however, a few times, it appeared that the deep channel allowed extreme closeness to some
                                    islands.  Would imagine that moose would have some interesting views.
                                    Many of the homes on the out islands were no doubt summer homes.  Hard to imagine that it would be hospitable 
                                    during the winter.  Most of Stockholm City was enjoying the remaining summer clear skies and warm temperatures.
                                    As the hotel receptionist said, "This the last day of summer".  
                                    Since we were an early arrival at the hotel, we were able to leave the baggage with the hotel.  Next stop was
                                    lunch and then a 90 minutes city tour via a double deck bus.  Audio configuration on the bus was our favorite - 
                                    headphones with language selection and volume control - that allows for clear English pronunciation.  Sights 
                                    included the Royal Palace, Royal Opera, City Hall, and the Grand Hotel (Which posts flags for all the nationalities
                                    of the current guest list).
                                    After the room check in, we were able to use the hotel's bikes.   The city is very bike friendly with well marked 
                                    lanes through the central city and along the waterfront.  We peddled over to the Djurgarden island and parked 
                                    at the Skansen.
                                    Skansen is an open air museum containing 150 historic buildings and a zoo.  It was started in the late 1800s and allows
                                    for a consolidated view of Sweden in one location.  Most of the structures were moved from various parts of the 
                                    country and relocated to Skansen.  Any required restoration was done with tools and materials of the matching
                                    period.  Buildings included Village Halls, plantation type manor homes, iron worker barns, churches, and real
                                    gardens appropriate to the time period.  Within the various mostly farm based structures were individuals dressed
                                    in period costumes and well versed in the history of the time and the family that originally owned the home. Many
                                    were skilled in the crafts of the Sweden history - furniture building, glass blowing, sewing, cooking, etc.  The 
                                    end of the day included musical and folk dancing entertainment.  
                                    Dinner was at the Sojo cafe located on the waterfront - mixed meat steak and lingonberry sauce in hearty 
                                    portions.  The outdoor cafe has a limited life outside of summer.  It does provide complimentary blankets; however,
                                    only helps with summer evenings.  Full meal and full day of biking resulted in some very full sleep.
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                           Transportation:  Express Bus to Central Station, City Tour double decker bus, and military style bike.

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