Russia 2006 Journey Day Four
Montpellier, France

                                     [17 July, 2006] Another decompression day at the beach with a new beach entitled Servignan.  All was a result
                                     of serendipity due to low fuel level.  The next fuel stop was after our previously used exit; thus, after almost a 
                                     $90 USD fill up, we explored signs pointing to a plage ("beach").  
                                     The beach area was extensive and frequented mostly by families - by late afternoon, the number of beach umbrellas 
                                     almost match the number of vineyards in the region.  The usual activities included sand castle building, wind surfing, 
                                     kite sailing, and "power" kites (multi lines used to control a single kite).  However, the 30+ young people exercising 
                                     and practicing Samurai type maneuvers in full white dress seemed a bit out of place.
                                     The evening was reserved for a wonderful dinner at the Resaurante Theatre d' Comedie.  The clear skies and 
                                     low humidity were the backdrop for the outdoor dining.  The freshness and mix of the ingredients was magnificent.
                                     Also, had to use the old Louisiana French language skills since Montpellier is not a strong English visit city.  The best
                                     part was the short walk back to the hotel - our hotel room overlooked the restaurant.

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