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                                                 Day 18 - September 28 - Berlin
                                                 42 Kilometers.  Time had arrived for the 2008 Berlin Marathon.  40, 000 plus runners all grouped into the central
                                                 boulevard escorted by the surrounding park and the main government building - the Reichstag in the background.
                                                 A 9:00 AM start and the masses started the run through the majestic city - call it the "Paris of Germany".  Found
                                                 out later that a World Record was achieved by last year's winner.  Anyhow, arrived to the Finish line somewhat
                                                 later than the winner.  Walked, not skipped, back to the hotel for an important afternoon cool and rest down.
                                                 Did have enough energy for the free Berliner beer.
                                                 Evening was in a central tent dedicated to the Munich Octoberfest.  Post Marathon 1 litre beer always taste the 
                                                 best.  Some sauerkraut, slice pork substance, and pretzels were friends on the beer.  Fun watching the lederhosen
                                                 band doing German drink songs and 70s band music.  A few Italian runners had created their own unique 
                                                 charging bull dances.
                                                 Reflected on the colors of the new Berlin building lights, glad for Marathon completion, and planned for 2009
                                                 return to Crete, Greece.  A Wunderbar vacation trip with island beaches and classic sunsets.  Yasou Greece!


                                                    Berlin Marathon 35 - Walk to the Start Line   Berlin Marathon 35 - Walk to the Start Line  Berlin Marathon 35 - Start Line

                                                                    Berlin Marathon 35 - Start Line Balloons   Berlin Marathon 35 - World Record Holder (2' 03" 59')   Old East Berlin Walk Signal

                                                                    Berlin Marathon  Berlin Marathon  Berlin Marathon - Kilometer 21  Berlin Marathon - Kilometer 35  Berlin Marathon - Finish

                                                                                            Berlin OctoberFest   Berlin at Night - Potsdammer Platz    




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