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                                                 Day 06 - September 16 - Crete
                                                 St. Barth, South of France, and Florida combined describe Plakias Bay.  From the hotel room balcony, the 
                                                 scale of the beauty became apparent - mountains surrounding an extended bay with a 3 kilometer long
                                                 crescent shaped beach. 
                                                 Started out with the hotel's breakfast with tables under the sycamore type trees - the branch growth is 
                                                 tied to another tree to create a canopy.  An Olive tree grove lined the side of the outdoor eating area.
                                                 Small olives could be seen hanging from the branches.
                                                 After sharing breakfast with yet another German majority of guests, we ventured a few meters down to the
                                                 beach.  Sand dunes lined the West end of the beach with white lilies scattered over the top.  Beach and 
                                                 bay come to a dramatic stop at the base of a sheer wall of mountain.  Hiking trails can be seen working 
                                                 up the side and onto the point.
                                                 Water conditions are the most impressive ever seen - sandy base and just clear, clear water.  Temperature
                                                 was cool at first; however, after an hour of sun, it was the perfect refreshing temperature.  Rental of loungers
                                                 with umbrella was only 5 Euros per day and collected by yet another lively and colorful Greek vendor.
                                                 From morning to sunset, the day was a "power lounging" day with splashes into the Bay.  Lunch was a 
                                                 quick walk to the bakery and later, the infamous donut vendor was completing his afternoon run on the 
                                                 beach.  Our choice for the mega size was strawberry filling.  The dusting with powder sugar did create
                                                 some "down wind" experiences for other lounger patrons.
                                                 Somewhat burned and ready for dinner, an outdoor cafe was just the choice.  Selected was roasted chicken 
                                                 chops with regional white wine.  Walking the town afterwards included sounds from a "music cafe".  Interesting
                                                 to hear "Sweet Home Alabama" while in a Cretan fishing village.  Time to allow the sunburn skin to rest.


                                                Crete - Plakias Bay   Crete - Plakias    Crete - Plakias Bay Sunset


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