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                                                 Day 12 - September 22 - Samos
                                                 No rain since April.  That has all changed - started with breakfast accompanied by light rain.  Enjoyed some
                                                 international travel channel on the hotel reception and lounge large screen TV.  Interesting to watch sunny Greece
                                                 on TV while it rains.
                                                 Journeyed out to the Southeast coast to visit a few small beach and fishing villages - All quiet along the water
                                                 front.  However, the odorous pine trees sent a rather pleasant whiff upon each destination.   Final stop was the 
                                                 smal beach of Mikali. 
                                                 Smooth pebbles lined the long beach - according to the hotel receptionists, just a few meters out is a sandy
                                                 and shallow bottom.  Since the sun was not staying out, we will accept her knowledge.  A late lunch at the
                                                 Oasis cafe was very much enjoyed - vegetables were from the surrounding village area.  Backdrop was the
                                                 clear waters, pebble beach, and mountains of Turkey.
                                                 Spent a long conversation with Victoria - a Doctor intern from Manchester, England.  Received quite the 
                                                 perspective of universal healthcare and firsthand practice.  Very friendly lass (originally from Ireland).
                                                 Finished the day with a stroll in Samos Town - purchased tickets for tomorrow's Ephesus tour, a few
                                                 pastries for the hotel return, and replenishment from a bank ATM.  A landscaped lined broad way faces
                                                 the Bay and is paralleled with an interior pedestrian way lined with multiple cafes, clothes shops, fruit stores,
                                                 and a few bars.  Samos Town is quite "smart" looking without the overpriced glamour.   
                                                 Skies continued to flash and a distinctive low rumble thunder finished the night.  Enjoyed the covered
                                                 balcony with the pocket French doors - allowing for a full show over the Sea.


                                                                    Samos Island - Mykali Beach (Turkey in Background)   Samos Island - Mykali Beach Oasis Cafe   Samos Island - Mykali Beach

                                                Samos Island - Kerveli Bay  Samos Island Scenes  Samos Island Scenes



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