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                                                 Day 11 - September 21 - Samos
                                                 Opened the balcony windows to see another large scaled ferry had arrived overnight.  Sunshine was breaking 
                                                 over the mountains - what appeared as large black voids last night.  After the customary full breakfast, it time
                                                 to locate another hotel since the Samos Hotel was sold out for the night.
                                                 Checked with a travel agency (mostly ferry service) next door to discover that our scheduled trip to Turkey
                                                 and subsequent Ephesus tour may be cancelled due to a Customs Official pending strike.  Two weeks ago, a 
                                                 24 hour strike was completed and another one - escalated to 48 hours - may happen tomorrow.  So, we can
                                                 see Turkey - only less than 1,000 meters away; however, may have to return next year for a visit.
                                                 Located a nice hotel - Ino - located up the hill from Samos Town.  Stopped by and the outstandingly friendly
                                                 receptionist showed us around the mini Mediterranean type village - complete with courtyard pool and endless
                                                 flora.  Ended up with a Aegean sea view and balcony for only 10 Euros more than our original hotel.  Parking 
                                                 was easy due to flat land with very easy entry and exit.  Also, an original unused villa is located on the property
                                                 with rustic faded red color and vines embracing the entire rear section.
                                                 Adventure day included tours of various benches and villages.  Encountered a mini Arkansas forest - complete
                                                 with pines, creeks, and waterfalls over large boulders.  Hiked into the trail until wooden stairs led up, up, and 
                                                 up to a remote cafe.  Down from the cafe was another trail leading to additional waterfalls - the trails becomes
                                                 water based in the creek to access remaining upstream waterfalls.
                                                 Remainder of the day was viewing both rock and a few sandy beaches.  There is no coastal road so all are 
                                                 terminated roads from the mountain roads.  Along the peaks were modern white metal windmills - a rarity that
                                                 a road drives by the base and can hear the deep 'swoosh' sound as the blades turned.
                                                 Dinner was at the Hotel Ino - somewhat of a upscale event with appetizer buffet, contemporary jazz music,
                                                 glass lighting features, and tables under a vine covered terrace.  Our Romanian summer worker waited on us
                                                 for the main course.  Dessert was walnut cake (soaked in honey) and shredded top baklava.  
                                                 After a few episodes of West Wing (TV has front AV connection to the laptop) and watching the sunset glow
                                                 over the Bay, time to retire in the matching twin beds.


                                       Samos - Island Scenes  Samos - Samos Town Port  Samos - Samos Town Port        

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                                                                Samos - Potami Waterfalls  Samos - Potami Waterfalls  Samos - Potami Waterfalls  Samos - Potami Waterfalls  Samos - Potami Waterfalls   

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