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                                                 Day 02 - September 12 - Delos and Mykonos
                                                 One of the adventure highlights was planned for today - the museum island of Delos.  Due to it's ancient
                                                 and mythological history, no one can live (except for caretakers and rare events) on, be born on, or pass away
                                                 on Delos.  During 300 BC, it was the "one stop shopping" for any brand of worship - global sponsorship of 
                                                 any mythological based religion.  Simple approach - if you fund a new temple, you could dedicate to the 
                                                 deity of your choice - early form of co-branding.
                                                 This small island (6 by 3 miles in size) is a treasure of history - narrow streets, broad roads with lions at
                                                 attention, and countless steps to the small mountain located in the center.  Coming to life are the intricate
                                                 mosaic tile floors - swimming dolphins, grinning jaguars, and 3 dimensional graphics,
                                                 Since it's an museum, it has museum hours.  The island's outdoor collection of endless buildings is closed on
                                                 Monday and last ferry leaving the island is 3:00 PM.  A ride on the Delos Express ferry is only 30 minutes
                                                 and worth every minute being a archeological kid in a very large playground.  There are only a few key
                                                 signs; however, the rest is just an endless exploration.
                                                 Back in Mykonos Town, it was time for a late outdoor cafe lunch - Just like the restaurants in New York's
                                                 Little Italy, you'll be politely urged to visit the restaurant within your footsteps.  Works out nicely, no 
                                                 need to look for a host, they find you.  Ah, the feast of food - the menu items are superb!  Meats, pasta,
                                                 vegetables, and cheeses in fresh and abundant portions - with a Mythos beer and Lemocello liqueur to
                                                 polish the experience.
                                                 Averting pirates and wind, the streets of Mykonos Town are far from a grid pattern.  It would take 
                                                 the crew of 'The Black Pearl' some time to locate just the right store or building.  It does add to the 
                                                 serendipitous view to discover an alley leading to a beach or a view of the hillside windmills.
                                                 Florida type weather on the island has the same type solution - pool time.  Back to the Hotel Paradison
                                                 for late afternoon swim.  One difference in pools is the deepness - almost plunge like - without the ubiquitous
                                                 depth markers.  And so the day ended with the almost full moon appearing over the horizon.
                                                        Delos Island    Delos Island    Delos Island
                                                          Delos Island    Delos Island    Delos Island                        
                                                    Delos Island    Delos Island    Delos Island    
                                                                            Delos Island    Delos Island

                                        Delos Island - Floor Mosiacs   Delos Island - Floor Mosiacs   Delos Island - Floor Mosiacs


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