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                                                 Day 08 - September 18 - Crete
                                                 Sun and rain day - Sun on the beach until mid afternoon when a few light rain clouds came over the mountains.
                                                 After a short misting, the sun was out again; however, time for an afternoon drive.
                                                 Other towns West of Plakias were set at the foot of impressive gorges - Crete is one large boulder in the 
                                                 shape of mountains, gorges, and fields of stones.  Most of the large cities, main resorts, and commerce
                                                 in on the North side.  So, the lower area is fishing villages coming to life with mostly German and British
                                                 tourists.  'Americano' is not very common, or seen, in the hotel or the town.  States side visitors are mostly
                                                 from cruise ships.
                                                 Dinner included watching the sunset set behind "the rocks" - an area on the West side of Plakias town
                                                 that has several large black boulder 'tossed' into the sea, as if someone played the game marbles with
                                                 oversized stones.  Thus, the name of the bar next door was "On The Rocks".  The meal was incredible
                                                 as others and included the customary fresh fruit (apples and nectarines tonight) with two shots of ouzo.
                                                 Watched the moonrise from the hotel balcony - at the same time, laundry was drying on the built in 
                                                 scissor frame clothesline.  Nice night to sleep with the balcony door and windows open with the 
                                                 steady waves crashing into shore.

                                                 Crete - Plakias Bay   Crete - Full Moon over Plakias    Crete - Plakias Town at Night



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