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                                                 Day 16 - September 26 - Berlin
                                                 Awake Again.  Woke up in the afternoon to blue skies and off to take care of Marathon duties.  Used the U-Bahn
                                                 subway U-2 line to Northwest Berlin.  The Marathon fitness fair and reception was located in old industrial buildings -
                                                 used originally to make wire cable.
                                                 Arrived at the correct U-Bahn stop and followed the healthy looking and slim masses - noticed marathon race bags
                                                 and Adidas shopping bags coming from the opposite direction.
                                                 Entered the fair - picked up the racing packet with bib and timing chip.  Perused the other Marathon city stands
                                                 and merchandise kiosks.   Free beer stand was quite popular.
                                                 One of the traveling group needed a sweater due some chill in the shade.  So, stopped at the plaza near 
                                                 Charlottesburg stop with a convenient C&A stop - very reasonable prices (Target type scale).
                                                 Evening was the restaurant "House of 1,000 Beers".  Actually, the food was surprisingly good for such a tourist
                                                 based name.  A surprise afterwards was the visiting Alsace region marketing group - cabin looking kiosks with
                                                 wine, sweets, crepes, gifts, and area informational brochures - all parked in the main plaza area.

                                                    Berlin Picture   Berlin - Fountain   Berlin - U-Bahn Stop   Berlin - Dog in a Backpack

                                                            Berlin - Pre Marathon Show - Old Cable Works Building   Berlin - Pre Marathon Show - Old Cable Works Building   Berlin - Pre Marathon Show - 3D Picture


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