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                                                                    Acropolis Hill of Athens    The Parthenon    The Temple of Athena Nike
                                                   The Acropolis Hill, so called the "Sacred Rock" of Athens, established as early as the Archaic period (650-480 B.C.).


                                                                    Myrtos Beach    Mykonos Beach    Megali Paralia Beach
                                                    The Greek Beaches
                                                                        Corinth Ruins        Corinth Canal        Corinth
                                                       The Ruins and City of Corinth


                                                                      Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki    Thessaloniki    Thessaloniki Resort
                                                     The Ruins and City of Thessaloniki


                                                                     Santorini    Santorini Island Beach    Santorini Caldera and Hot Springs
                                                                      The Island of Santorini

                                                                Ephesus - Celsus Library    Ephesus - Panayir Hill Theatre    Ephesus, Turkey, Map

                                                                              Ephesus, Turkey

                                                      Greece 2008 Map




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