Vietnam 2014 - Day 7

                                                      March 04, 2014:  Da Nang, Vietnam    85 - Partly Cloudy

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                                                    22G.  Time to leave Ho Chi Minh City and fly to Da Nang.  The day started with a fairly simple check out, ride to
                                                    airport, and attempt to pass security.  Seems the Vietnam Airlines web check in with printing of a boarding pass
                                                    isn’t really a boarding pass.  After waiting in a very long line for the security entry, we received the unique insight
                                                    that only an airport printed boarding pass is accepted.  Maybe the print out with “
Boarding Pass” on the header
                                                   should be replaced with “Take This Paper to Check In Counter at Airport”.

                                                    Time to start the security line again.   Learned that the same driving skill that allows a motorcycle driver to insert
                                                    himself/herself into the front of a chain of vehicles can also be done in a pedestrian queuing sense.  If not alert,
                                                   another person would suddenly appear in front of you.

                                                    Onto another airport bus and settled into seat 22G for the 1’ 10” long flight to Da Nang.  Arriving was a surprise –
                                                    larger city that originally imagined with plenty of office towers.  The World’s largest female Buddha statue on the
                                                    mountain side was a noticeable white beacon in the city backdrop.  Near our resort designation was the Marble
                                                   mountain limestone formations that created bookends for the city.

                                                    Stunning wide beaches with constant 3 foot waves creates instant tranquility.  A very well polished contemporary
                                                    styled Hyatt resort somewhat embellished the scenery, too.   Thankfully, there are no
Daytona Beach or Miami Beach
                                                    influences here.  More like Zen meets Yoga with subdued atmosphere.   Clean and very crisp lines of the resort are
                                                   only broken by occasional family pool blow up toys in shape of jet fighters.

                                                    On one end of the resort are reserved villas – each with it’s own lap pool.  Powerful aromas came from some of
                                                    the kitchens during a stroll around the property.  On the opposite side are larger residence buildings with the same
                                                   architectural style of the complex.

                                                    Our room on the top floor is truly magnificent and includes a wooden slat wall changing closet, combination sofa
                                                    and lounger, stand alone bath tub and shower with access to balcony, and glass front balcony.  The double opening
                                                    sliding glass door opens to both regular furniture and a very special “lounger in the round”.   Presenting itself in front
                                                   of us is the
China Sea and a rectangular complex of pools.
                                                    At night, the resort is magical with accent light on almost every tree and pathway.  Cubes of translucent stone are
                                                   used as pathway lights.  In the distance is a water parade of lights from fishing boats.

                                                                                   Country Travel Map

                                                                                   Vietnam 2014 Map


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