Vietnam 2014 - Day 1

                                                      February 26, 2014:  San Francisco, California    57 - Rain

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                                                    Exponentially Challenged Travel Day.   Every segment of today’s flights increased incrementally after 
                                                    each landing.  After several months of drought, California turned the outdoor sprinklers on the high setting.  
                                                    Throw in a few wind gusts to top it off and a series of weather related delays began.
                                                    Anyhow, it’s holiday start and landed in San Francisco for a one night layover.  Ease to access to the BART system
                                                    is a plus at SFO airport.  Picked up a couple round trip tickets (17.70 ea) and eased through the turnstiles to the
                                                   waiting train.   However, the flight delays created another land based delay.

                                                    Seems the first couple of stops moved along on schedule; however, the next stop was the waiting period.   Constant
                                                    announcements relayed information about “police activity” at an upcoming stop and all the BART system was stopped. 
An enterprising thief decided to use the subway tunnels as an escape path.  (Or was it filming of the sequel Italian
                                                   Job II?)

                                                    Arrived to the Embarcadero Station and only some large water puddles separated the exit and the Hyatt Regency. 
                                                    Always fun to revisit the epitome of 1970s architecture with massive atrium and plethora of brown tones.  New
                                                   remodeling infused some color and draping LED lights.

                                                    Crickets in the woods were one of the choices on the sound machine next to the room bed.  Seemed the rain
                                                    sounds selection would be redundant compared to the sliding door window sounds.  Time for a few more hours        
                                                    of work and then crash . . . while in the woods with crickets.

                                                    San Francisco Hyatt Regency  San Francisco Hyatt Regency  San Francisco Hyatt Regency



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