Vietnam 2014 - Day 2

                                                      February 27, 2014:  San Francisco, California    62 - Sun

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                                                                           Sunshine in the Bay.  Nice to wake up to sunshine beams and dryer sidewalks around the
                                                        hotel.  Helpful since breakfast was from a nearby deli shop was a couple of Vietnamese sub
                                                        sandwiches – heavy on the spice side to kick start heart palpitations.    

                                                        After a quick repacking of a very limited space 30L Deuter backpack, it was BART return to
                                                        SFO airport.  All went smooth with TSA pre-check line available; however, a little surprised
                                                        since it was an international departure.  Guessing on the return to the States, it will be more

                                                        After arriving a couple hours early with an easy pace through the airport ending at the airline
                                                        club, it was time to finish up remaining departure tasks via phone and web – including
                                                        purchase of travel interruption insurance (CSA Insurance Co).  Just think if free Orlando Lions
                                                        Soccer Club tickets come available, may need to change our tickets for an emergency
                                                        return flight. 

                                                        One more pineapple juice drink and headed to the gate.  Not the usual quiet and smooth
                                                        Lufthansa type boarding – a rather noisy and delayed prone United flight 869.  Delays
                                                        included waiting for late passengers, warm air conditioning, and lavatories under repair. 
                                                        Another hour and a half delay, we taxied out and it take off time finally.  UA 747 equipment
                                                        was a little dated without the new standard issued on demand video – all were required to
                                                        watch main overhead screens that included Frozen, Iron Man 3, and Captain Phillips movies.
                                                        (Thankfully, Maria Carrey didn’t make a Glitter II movie)


                                    San Francisco  San Francisco

                                    San Francisco  San Francisco  San Francisco




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