Vietnam 2014 - Day 3

                                                      February 28, 2014:  Hong Kong, SAR    63 - Mostly Clear

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                                                        Night of Flight.  Flight continued along Alaskan and Russia coast.  WIFI had to be turned off once in Russian and
air space.  So, the $17 fee would have limited shelf life.   Outbound lunch was either chicken or curry and
                                                        breakfast was noodles or eggs.  Somewhat quiet flight and everyone was using window shade etiquette to create
                                                        dark sleep-able cabin; however, the blind passenger left his light on – was not going to encroach on the irony.  
To finish the flight, United maintained their consistency with being almost two hours late.

                                                        Very smooth landing for a “gi-normus” plane of yesteryear.  It was a quick exit since at the bulkhead – beating out
                                                        the masses coming from upstairs.  Visitor side of passport control was very light and now for the “figuring out the
                                                       mass transit”.

                                                        Started with the airport express (90 HKD) and exited at first stop (High rate for low miles traveled).  Airport express
                                                        ticket became obsolete with main subway system.  Purchase additional transit card (12.50 HKG) and became the
                                                        “somewhere over the rainbow” travel:  Green line to Orange line to Red line to Purple line to Blue line.  At University
                                                        station was the Hyatt with escalator to lobby.  Room was on 19th floor with mini suite kitchen – interior was lateral
                                                       contemporary on steroids.

                                                        Quick shower followed by new insight that tomorrow’s Vietnam Airlines web check in is not applicable for
                                                        China/SAR departure points..  Time to wait for another day.  (Miss the bedside sound machine already)

                                                                                   Country Travel Map

                                                                                   Vietnam 2014 Map


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