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                                                 Day 17  - July 12 - Mainz, Germany

                                                Kongress Day 4
                                                Another mini apple turnover morning indulgence with the regular breakfast items.  Very quiet Sunday morning walk and S-Bahn  
                                                trip to the Frankfurt Stadion - Final day of the Internationaler Kongress.  Between sessions was a long line for the concession stand
                                                in the German section.  Worth the wait for currywurst, mega sized pretzel, and grossen coffee.   Closing song came too quickly.
                                                Returned to the hotel for a quick change - Heidelberg bound for dinner with the familie.  Ironic choice of restaurant - a Greek
                                                restaurant.  Great evening with a very late return to the hotel.   


                                                Welcome!  (Persian)  Illinois Attendees  Herr Marcel  Herr Marcel

                                                                                    Farewell Banner    German Greek Dinner




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