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                                                 Day 14  - July 09 - Mainz, Germany

                                                Kongress Start
                                                Nice breakfast morning watching the Rhein ships northbound and southbound.  Easy stroll down to the Mainz S-Bahn station to the 
                                                Frankfurt Stadion (Stadium) stop - First day (half day) of the Internationaler Kongress.  
                                                Almost three years to the date, the last visit was record heat wave.  Not this time, very cool temperatures in low 60s F (Freezing for
                                                Southerners).  Was on the look for "borrowing" hot coffee from anyone.  However, the current weather was much preferred to the
                                                infamous heat wave.  Enjoyable lessons shared with our extended German family.
                                                Evening was a nice stroll in Mainz - scope out restaurants for coming nights.  Back to the classic views from the hotel Regency Club.


                                                                                Willkommen!    Frankfurt Stadion            



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