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                                                 Day 13  - July 08 - Mainz, Germany

                                                The Mainz Stroll
                                                Simple day of full buffet breakfast, laundry, ironing, and afternoon stroll around Mainz.  Located a scenic overview - citadel park area -
                                                with full forest pathway.  Back in the center city commercial zone was a full pedestrian strolling area - included an optical store with a
                                                super sale.  It was a chance to use the conversational German; however, it was just too close to closing time.  Would have been very
                                                cool specs.   
                                                Continued pass the Gutenberg Museum - did the highly recommended tour during the last visit - into some removed allies with imposing
                                                churches.  Dinner was snacks from the local bakery and finishing touches at the hotel Regency Club.

                                                                                        Mzinz - Fountain Scene    Mainz - Another Statue    Mainz View from the Citadel



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