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                                                 Day 12  - July 07 - Athens to Mainz

                                                Multi Modal Day
                                                Completed 24 hours of Car, Ship, Plane, Bus, and Train travel.   Arrival into Pireaus (Port area or Athens) was 05:00 AM; 
                                                however, thankfully we requested late "check out" of 07:30 AM.  Basically had the ship to ourselves when we left - Always 
                                                enjoy the ease of ferry travel.
                                                Port area of Pireaus looks like a used car lot of massive ferry ships - all pointed in different directions ready to depart.  Glad we
                                                were arriving.  Looks like departure would be fun locating the correct ship and dock.
                                                500 meters to the right or our ship was the light rail station - very popular and very full.  The green lines starts at the port and 
                                                proceeds into Athens.  Transferred to the blue line heading to the airport - so we thought.  Construction on the line required
                                                a divert to a local bus.  So, after endless crawling through Athens traffic, the airport bound bus reached the main expressway.
                                                Our Aeagen flight was an easy check in and departure - airline included a nice lunch with wine for the flight to Frankfurt, 
                                                Germany.  Landed in the land of well coordinated logistics - from arrival gate to regional train in no time.  Purchased a 
                                                week long pass for the S-Bahn and boarded the S-8 for Mainz.
                                                A surprise at the Mainz Sud station - new buildings surround the station with a new station name:  Mainz Roman Theater.
                                                In front of the station was the new Euro contemporary buildings and behind the station was excavation of the foundation
                                                of a sizeable Roman theater.  Watched the college students picked and dust at small sections revealing another brick or two.
                                                3 blocks down to the hotel and check in - room with Rhein river view and begins the observation of the parade of ships.

                                                                    Hotel View - Mainz Churches    Hotel View - Rhein River    Hotel View - Rhein River



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