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                                                 Day 11  - July 06 - Aegen Sea

                                                Cruise the Night Away
                                                Started with morning tasks of Cretan gift shopping and postcard mailing and ended the enjoyment of Plakias with a lounging lunch
                                                watching the street crowd - included a final Mythos beer, too.   
                                                Next stop was the Chania main port in Souda.   Parked the red Polo-meister at the dock - keys under the floor mat.  Boarded the
                                                ferry three hours early - one of Anek Line newest ships.  Flavors of a cruise ship with overpriced clothing stores and plenty of wood
                                                and chrome trim.  Very nice room with large outside portal window (Overlooking the Greek Navy at the port) with flat screen television
                                                and full bathroom (very hot showers).
                                                Enjoyed the more formal set down restaurant and headed up to the top deck for viewing - sunset and moonrise.  Also, the orchestration
                                                of pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, tractor-trailers, and buses onto the ferry was worth the watching.  Would the long list of pedestrians
                                                at the ticket office make the departure time?   Somehow, it all worked.
                                                Time to wish Crete a fond farewell - time and relaxation went much too quickly.  Next top is the main Athens port in the morning.


                                                Anek Lines - Chania to Athens  Anek Line - Room Portal View  Anek Line - Loading Chaos

                                                                                          Chania - Sunset    Chania - Moonrise




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