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                                                 Day 01  - June 26 - London, England

                                                The Forever Queue
                                                After a nice Virgin Atlantic airline landing and long "non EU" passport control, we used our preprinted Gatwick Express train tickets for the 30 
                                                minute trip into Victoria Station.  Interesting how the home print out of train tickets are validated:  Conductor looks at it quickly and applies a 
                                                small "squiggle" of a mark.  (Photo Shop users could abuse this process)  
                                                At Victoria Station, used the automated machine for an all day city travel pass (Use on the Underground and buses).  Jumped on the Underground
                                                to Marble Arch station.  The hotel was just a few blocks down the street.  Across from the hotel was one of endless city interior gated parks.  The
                                                actual fence and gates were installed in the 1960s since the originals were used for WW II metal needs.
                                                Since the skies were clear and temperature in the mid 70s, outdoor or walking activities were selected over the "can always go to the museum
                                                during the Winter" choices.  Next stop was Wimbledon.  The Association was known for providing same day tickets for general public.  Our concierge
                                                provided advice on the using the next stop and walking to the event via the Wimbledon park and Wimbledon lake and actual town of Wimbledon.
                                                Only catch was the next stop was another zone for travel tickets.  So, when exiting the Underground train, we didn't actually exit.  Just a quick
                                                stop or thud at the turnstile.  The attendant on duty was extremely nice and let us pass - with an insightful lesson on zones.
                                                Now comes the Queue part.  One of the mark of a true Brit is the ability to queue - no complaints, just stand in line.  Recall the the remake of the
                                                Dr. Who movie, "I know how to queue" was the classic line.  Well, no different at Wimbledon.   It did take some time to figure out the complex.
                                                However, "The Queue" signs starting appearing.  We walked to a distant park to locate the end of the line.  A designated steward provide a
                                                "How to Queue" booket and our necessary "Queue Cards".  The cards allow us to purchase same day tickets; however, each card is assigned
                                                a sequential number for the line position and dated for today only.  Our numbers:  13,546 and 13,547.  So, once the 13,545 people in front of
                                                us buy tickets, or just move, it would be our turn.   Let's just say, our Queue cards are now just souvenirs.
                                                The brochure also mentions the excitement and joy of overnight camping for the Queue.  However, the stewards will promptly wake you at
                                                06:00 AM so you can join the queue.  Another subtle point in the brochure is that the helpful stewards have the full of Wimbledon security
                                                and London police.
                                                Jumped back on the Underground for the Regent Park - another nice London park with extensive rose gardens.  Watched the sunset from the 
                                                park's lounge chairs located next to an interior lake.   Nice Italian dinner to finish the day.
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                                       London - Churchill Hyatt Regency     London - Churchill Park - Avid News Reader    London - Wimbledon Centre Court    London - Wimbledon Park Wall Sign       

                                 London - Infamous Wimbledon Queue  London - Kilometer after Kilometer of Wimbledon Queue  London - Wimbledon Steward Support  London - Rare empty UnderGround subway car (1965 model) 


                                                London - Regent Park Scenes    London - Regent Park Scenes    London - Regent Park Scenes    London - Regent Park Scenes

                                            London - Regent Park Scenes    London - Regent Park Scenes    London - Regent Park Scenes - Named for Cousin Deb    London - Regent Park Scenes



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