New Zealand 2007 
                                    Day Twenty-Eight  Auckland April 10
                                            Tree Day - our continued travel on Hwy 12 loop included the Waipoua Forest of kauri
                                            trees.  These majestic giants of the forest were awe inspiring.  New Zealand was originally
                                            covered in endless forest; however, the clearing for sheep, cattle, and building wood has
                                            forever changed the topography.   However, and thankfully, a forest of kauri trees has been
                                            Kauri wood has a high density and known for it's height.  This combination made it a 
                                            target for sailing ship masts.  Due to it's protected status, the only available wood is abandoned
                                            tree stumps and trees left in various swamps.  Wood is difficult to remove from the swamps and 
                                            is quite expensive for crafted items.
                                            Sunshine started the day with a visit to Baylys Beach - just part of 100 miles of hard packed sand
                                            along the West Coast.  Since the beaches are so wide, they can be used for car travel.  Lining the 
                                            beach is high bluffs above the  very shallow, yet strong current waters.  Perfect surroundings for 
                                            drive up and open the large van sliding doors relaxation.  After a long walk in the reflective waters
                                            and short nap, it was time to drive on.
                                            Just like Florida, the afternoon showers moved in and the final drive to Auckland was rain filled,
                                            dark, winding, and less than easy.  Thankfully, the final 20 miles was actual motorway into the 
                                            city.  An ongoing major project is new tunnels to extend the motorway (2009) - can't come too
                                                            Baylys Beach    Baylys Beach    Baylys Beach

                                                                Waipoua Forest - Te Matua Ngahere - Largest Kauri Tree    Waipoua Forest - Te Matua Ngahere - Oldest Kauri Tree    Waipoua Forest - Four Sisters Kauri Trees    Waipoua Forest - Te Matua Ngahere - Oldest Kauri Tree

                                                                North Island - Hwy 12 West Coast    Auckland


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