New Zealand 2007 
                                    Day Twenty-Seven  Dargaville April 09
                                            Long 6 hour drive day past Auckland to Kauri Coast.  Just outside of departing Rotorua was
                                            the steel art town of Tirau - Most signs, including the town sign, was made of painted and 
                                            corrugated steel sheets.  Even two buildings were shaped like a dog and sheep.
                                            Checked into the Sunset Lodge located at Baylys Beach.  Walks on the beach was shorten due 
                                            to sunshine filled rain.  The Lodge has a guest area with large LCD screen and full bar.
                                            Dinner after the spectacular sunset from the room balcony was at Funky Fish restaurant -
                                            another chance for local venison steak (Maybe it should be the Funky Deer restaurant).
                                            However, large paper mache fish heads created by a local school were brightly colored
                                            and provided the funky interior trim. 

                                                        Tirau Corrugated Steel Sign - Dog Shaped Building  Tirau Corrugated Steel Sign - Flower Store  Tirau Corrugated Steel Sign - Plant Store  Tirau Corrugated Steel Sign - Honey Store

                                                                 Dargaville - Sunset View Lodge   Sunset View Lodge - Driveway    Sunset View Lodge - Room Balcony View 

                                                            Baylys Beach - Funky Fish Restaurant    Dargaville - Sunset View Lodge    Dargaville - Sunset View Lodge



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