New Zealand 2007 
                                    Day Twenty-Six  Rotorua April 08
                                            An assortment of adventure items - Zorb and Luge.   Rotorua is the mix of Maori culture sites,
                                            hot geysers, spa treatments, and some over-the-top tourist sites.  Sulphur was always in the air.
                                            Afternoon started with a gondola ride for a city view and potential luge ride down; however, 
                                            holiday day lines became too long for our vacation.  However, the Zorb was a surprise fun.
                                            Zorb is an over sized clear balls that are rode inside and pushed down a zig zag trail.  After changing
                                            into a swimsuit, riders are driven to the top of a hill.  Warm water is poured into the inner ball
                                            and the rider dives in.  A gentle push and the ball is sent down the hill.  The ride is like the inside
                                            of a washing machine.  
                                            Evening was at the Polynesian Spa located on the main lake - includes 4 outdoor lakeside pools
                                            with varied hot temperatures.  None of the spa is on the scale of Germany; however, the reflected
                                            moon on the lake added to the atmosphere.


                                                            Rotorua - Zorb - Zig Zag Trail    Rotorua - Zorb - Start Gate    Rotorua - Zorb - Zig Zag Movie    

                                                            Rotorua - Skyline Gondola Ride    Rotorua - Skyline Gondola Ride - Luge     Rotorua - Skyline Gondola Ride - Luge

                                                                            Rotorua - Original Bath House Museum    Rotorua - Original Bath House Museum    Rotorua - City Park




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