New Zealand 2007 
                                    Day Twenty-Two  Wanganui April 04
                                            Direction of travel has made an impact - By starting in the lower South Island and traveling North,
                                            we have circumvented the normal tourist direction.  Most arrive in the northern city of Auckland
                                            and travel South.  
                                            One of the surprise treats of our travel direction was the car rental company provided a free ferry
                                            crossing for the vehicle (Savings: $169 NZD).  It also saved some time since we didn't have to 
                                            unload all the suitcases and change vehicles at the end of the crossing.  All the major car rental
                                            companies will not allow vehicle crossings.  Fortunately, our NZ based company (APEX) is one of
                                            the few to allow ferry access.  Ferry service included a cafe, movie theatre, bar, and reclining
                                            Prior to loading the car, an attendant walks past all the cars checking on potential "dirty boots".
                                            Because of an outside organism called Didymo (freshwater algae from Europe and North America)
                                            causing contamination of lakes and rivers, it was important to clean boots between islands and
                                            before arriving in the country.  The attendant will spray the boot soles with a strong detergent.
                                            This is part of the Biosecurity program in New Zealand - including a very long security check at
                                            airport arrivals. (Tip: always wear boots through security since the scan all luggage for footwear)
                                            We will miss our resort accommodation - the Monaco Resort.  It was built as English cottages with
                                            extensive outdoor plants and old brick facade.  The interior had dark wood ceiling beams, remote 
                                            control fireplace, and flat panel TVs.  Service was impeccable in their friendliness and helpfulness.
                                            Only unique side was the actual pronunciation - "Mo-Nah-Kah" instead of "Mon-A-Koh".   We have
                                            yet to find the pattern to pronouncing most town and road names.
                                            Back to the road - Our arrival on the ferry was in the New Zealand Capitol Wellington,  We didn't
                                            spend time in the city and proceeded North.  Traffic was horrendous and the weather was dark
                                            and rainy.  A restricted lane ("T2") for car pools helped for a short distance.  After that, it was
                                            just brake lights for miles.
                                            Arrived in Wanganui late.
                                                                            Monaco Hotel Resort in Nelson    Monaco Hotel Resort in Nelson    Monaco Hotel Resort in Nelson        
                                                                                  InterIsland Ferry - Didymo Cleaning    InterIsland Ferry - Didymo Cleaning
                                                                                  InterIsland Ferry    InterIsland Ferry - Leaving South Island
                                                                                   InterIsland Ferry - Leaving South Island    InterIsland Ferry - Leaving South Island    


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