New Zealand 2007 
                                    Day Twelve Milford Track - Mintaro Hut March 25
                                            Ascending is never the joyous part of hiking and today started the first of two days of continuous
                                            climbing.  After following the river for 4 hours, the trail started upwards to the Mintaro Hut located
                                            at 1,800 ft elevation.  Thankfully, some cloud cover kept the temperatures mild and enjoyable.
                                            Some of the wildlife along the way included the paradise ducks, piwakawaka (fantail) birds, and
                                            very "cheeky" robins.  Except for deer, larger animals do not exist in the national parks.  This also
                                            accounts for the extremely clean water - very rare to be able to drink directly from the river and
                                            We encountered our first views of the upcoming McKinnon Pass over the mountains.  Thus, an
                                            early dinner and sleep was a good choice.
                                            Mintaro Hut demonstrated the New Zealand humor about weather - It had a weather stone hanging
                                            from a string on the front porch.  The accompanying instructions posted on the inside hut wall
                                            explained how to read a "weather stone".  If the stone is dry, it is fine weather and may change
                                            to rain.  If the stone is wet, it raining and the weather may change to sunny.  If the stone is
                                            moving back and forth, it is windy.  And lastly, if the stone is white, it is snowing.

                                                                Milford Track - To Mintaro Hut    Milford Track - To Mintaro Hut   Milford Track - To Mintaro Hut    

                                                              Milford Track - To Mintaro Hut    Milford Track - To Mintaro Hut    Milford Track - To Mintaro Hut - HIdden Lake

                                                                                Milford Track - Mintaro Hut    Milford Track - Mintaro Hut

                                                                           Milford Track - Mintaro Hut    Milford Track - Mintaro Hut    

                                                             Milford Track - Mintaro Hut Flora and Fauna     Milford Track - Flora and Fauna - Robin     Milford Track - Flora and Fauna - Paradise Duck



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