New Zealand 2007 
                                    Day Six Coolum Beach March 19
                                            Transit day from Sydney to Brisbane airport and drive 1 hour north to Coolum Beach.  First
                                            encounter with driving on the opposite side of the road.  After 10 minutes, the "strangeness"
                                            was over - especially with the steering wheel and turn signal stalk being in opposite positions.
                                            Other challenges included staying in the left lane and using the right lane to pass.  Think this was
                                            a full "left and right brain" moment..
                                            Thankfully, the airport has access to the M1 (Motorway 1) with large signs to follow to the
                                            Sunshine coast and Coolum (kool-em) Beach. 
                                            The Sunshine coast is located in the Australian state of Queensland.  The east coast has many
                                            low country areas with sugar cane agriculture - much like Louisiana.   An unique characteristic
                                            is the array of mountains - some shaped like cones and one like the Swiss Zermat mountain. 
                                            The varied shaped mountains are dispersed between the low land areas.
                                            Coolum resort is densely packed native trees with endless bird varieties with their corresponding
                                            calls, shrieks, or basic chatter.   A real treat is seeing kangaroos on the golf course - with a 
                                            baby "joey" kangaroo.
                                            After a pizza from the resort village square, time to relax and retire.


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