New Zealand 2007 
                                    Day Four Sydney March 17
                                            The day started with  a return to the airport for the rest of the travel party.  Since the incoming
                                            weather was changing to rain, the day was mostly inside travel.
                                            After the rail trip back into Sydney, we switched to the light rail system for a round trip view of the 
                                            surrounding bay area.  On the return, we stopped off for a walk through the China Town and the
                                            Paddy's Market - a large brick building with endless kiosks of varied clothes, herbs, and other trinkets
                                            of little value.  The Market square building next door contained a large food court with Asian selections
                                            galore.  Their food platter pictures usually covered the back wall of each counter area.  Interesting to
                                            see free plastic chopsticks with the usual forks and spoons as part of condiments stand. 
                                            We made a attempt to allude the weather by going south to the Royal National Park; however, 
                                            continuous rain made the decision to return to Sydney an easy one.
                                            We walked around the Sydney Opera House - avoiding the light mist - to see the current schedule.
                                            After seeing a special Scottish musical selection, we vainly made the attempt to return to the hotel
                                            via the ferry and clean up.  Unfortunately, we decided the time window was too tight and headed
                                            for dinner in Parramatta.  The selected Italian restaurant included a BBQ octopus and calamari salad.
                                            for one main entree.  

                                                                  Sydney Harbour - Opera House         Sydney Harbour - Opera House  

                                                              Sydney Harbour - Opera House   Sydney Harbour Bridge


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